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HIPAA WordPress

WordPress is a great Content Management System for Heathcare Providers, although it’s not HIPAA Compliant ‘off the shelf’. Our HIPAA Compliant website platforms use a bespoke WordPress core, with a raft of security measures as standard to secure your data, giving you immediate peace of mind.

We Recreate Your Existing Brand

By meticulously recreating your website as it stands, our team of experts will effectively address and rectify any HIPAA Privacy vulnerabilities. We'll patch up your websites functionality cleanse existing points of HIPAA failure.

Point Your Domain at The New Version

You keep control of your domain name, and simply 'point' it at the new HIPAA Compliant Version of your website, hosted on our HIPAA Compliant ultra-secure USA Hosting.

Relax Knowing Your Site is Compliant

While we do the ongoing tech compliance, scanning for vulnerabilities daily, mitigating threats, adhering immediately to new HIPAA protocols, ensuring your analytics are compliant and ensuring your

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Make Your WordPress HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA WordPress

HIPAA Digital delivers a highly secure publishing platform specifically tailored for WordPress, providing a fully managed and hosted solution that prioritizes HIPAA compliance. This is crucial for ensuring completely secure WordPress hosting.

Healthcare providers and other entities dealing with sensitive data favor WordPress due to its user-friendly interface, diverse plugin options, and online portal capabilities. However, standard WordPress software lacks the necessary security measures for storing or transmitting ePHI.

With HIPAA Digital’s managed WordPress secure hosting, you can safeguard your sensitive medical data while maintaining optimal peak website performance and speed.

Our Expertise

HIPAA WordPress is ideal for practitioners and clinics looking to set up a HIPAA Compliant website without the need for complex technical know-how. We provide a BAA for all of our customers, which is needed for HIPAA compliance. Our solution also incorporates cutting-edge, fully-managed security. You also receive dedicated, live support to assist you with any issues you may have.

Our focus

With over 60% market share and thousands of plugins, WordPress sites have become convenient targets for hackers. Healthcare data is particularly lucrative when sold or held for ransom. Since off-the-shelf WordPress is not HIPAA compliant, all unprotected sites are at risk. An up-to-date WordPress installation – including all plugins and themes – is critical for making WordPress HIPAA compliant.

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All in One Click - HIPAA WordPress & Hosting Solution

Everything needed for full HIPAA website compliance is at your fingertips. After your free consultation and signing the Business Associate Agreement, your dedicated Account Manager will recreate your brand and website exactly as it is now, except they’ll implement all the technology and background security to make it HIPAA Compliant.

Your website will be hosted on Ultra-Fast, HIPAA Compliant, HITECH Certified Servers, running the very latest security protocols and threat mitigation procedures. HIPAA Digital is a fully managed, done for you service, leaving you free to concentrate on serving your patients and developing your business.

Our Analytics and Marketing add-ons ensure no trace of ePHI escapes to unauthorized third parties.

HIPAA WordPress

We approach our SEO campaigns with an all-inclusive strategy.

HIPAA Hosting

Everything required to deliver your business instant results.

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