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Websites Need to Comply with HIPAA

One of the first places an auditor will look when a HIPAA investigation begins is a covered entity’s website. Sole practitioners, medium size clinics, large hospital systems and health plans are all covered entities and their websites must comply with HIPAA. When a website does not have the basic requirements it raises red flags and invites scrutiny.

We Recreate Your Existing Brand

By meticulously recreating your website as it stands, our team of experts will effectively address and rectify any HIPAA Privacy vulnerabilities. We'll patch up your websites functionality cleanse existing points of HIPAA failure.

Point Your Domain at The New Version

You keep control of your domain name, and simply 'point' it at the new HIPAA Compliant Version of your website, hosted on our HIPAA Compliant ultra-secure USA Hosting.

Relax Knowing Your Site is Compliant

While we do the ongoing tech compliance, scanning for vulnerabilities daily, mitigating threats, adhering immediately to new HIPAA protocols, ensuring your analytics are compliant and ensuring your

Managed HIPAA Website Solution

All in One Click - HIPAA WordPress & Hosting Solution

Everything needed for full HIPAA website compliance is at your fingertips. After your free consultation and signing the Business Associate Agreement, your dedicated Account Manager will recreate your brand and website exactly as it is now, except they’ll implement all the technology and background security to make it HIPAA Compliant.

Your website will be hosted on Ultra-Fast, HIPAA Compliant, HITECH Certified Servers, running the very latest security protocols and threat mitigation procedures. HIPAA Digital is a fully managed, done for you service, leaving you free to concentrate on serving your patients and developing your business.

Our Analytics and Marketing add-ons ensure no trace of ePHI escapes to unauthorized third parties.

HIPAA Website

We approach our SEO campaigns with an all-inclusive strategy.

HIPAA Hosting

Everything required to deliver your business instant results.

Worried You're Not HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Digital Can Help

Many websites are artfully designed and provide lots of good information. But they’re missing key ingredients of HIPAA. This is because they have been designed by a well-meaning but non-specialist vendor.

Remember, in this instance the responsibility for website HIPAA compliance belongs to the covered entity. A website builder who creates the website does not own the legal responsibility for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Only the covered entity is responsible.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Has your Vendor signed a Business Associate Agreement?
  • Do you have a valid SSL certificate?
  • Is the website hosted with a HIPAA compliant hosting company?
  • Have you encrypted data at rest and in transit?
  • Are you using HIPAA-compliant web forms?
  • Have you set access controls?
  • Are you recording and monitoring logs?
  • Are you maintaining an audit trail?
  • Have you got signed business associate agreements for contractors?
  • Are you backing up all PHI?
  • Have you developed policies and procedures for restoring data?
  • Have you obtained consent from patients for testimonials?
  • Does your website include a notice of privacy practices?
  • Does your website include your HIPAA policy?

Up to 90% of Healthcare Websites are not HIPAA Compliant. If you’ve been convinced to use WIX, ‘Off The Shelf’ WordPress or another Page Builder there’s a high chance you don’t have a HIPAA Compliant website. It’s not your fault, yet HIPAA and OCR won’t see it that way. As a Covered Entity, it’s your responsibility to ensure your website is HIPAA Compliant, is hosted on HIPAA Compliant Hosting & strips all PHI identifiers from Analytics & Server Logs.

Beware website builder and marketing companies’ advice about how to create a website. In our experience, nine out of ten covered entity websites we’ve reviewed do not comply, including ones built by well known health care marketing advisers. Many websites are artfully designed and provide lots of good information. But they’re missing key ingredients of HIPAA.

We understand the challenges you face as a busy healthcare professional. You’ve made efforts to ensure your website is HIPAA compliant, but the ever-changing regulatory landscape can be daunting, leading to worry about potential fines and breaches.

The surge in recent HIPAA fines has likely touched close to home, with perhaps providers you know personally feeling the impact.

It’s crucial to be cautious of advice from website builders and marketing companies when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

From our extensive experience, we’ve found that nine out of ten covered entity websites we’ve assessed fall short of compliance standards, even those developed by reputable marketing advisors.

While these websites may be aesthetically pleasing and informative, they often lack essential HIPAA components.

Its Time to get serious about your HIPAA website & hosting

Business Critical

If your website has been designed, developed and hosted by a non-HIPAA Marketer, then you simply must take remedial action as there’s a high chance your website will not be HIPAA compliant. Now is the time to professionalize your operations, by upgrading to HIPAA Digital, a specialist in HIPAA Compliant Websites, Marketing & Hosting. And, in terms of cost, in nine times out of ten we will cost less than your current setup.

HIPAA Websites

Benefit from specialists not generalists. We only work with Healthcare Organizations in the United States.

HIPAA Hosting

Our Hosting is fully HIPAA Compliant, Ultra-Fast and battle tested to stand up to the most complex theats.

Managed Services

Our friendly experts are in regular contact with you, and your site is constantly monitored and optimized.

HIPAA Marketing

We have decades of experience Marketing all types of Healthcare in the United States.

Additional Services

Full Service Digital

By working with HIPAA Digital you’ll simplify operations, cut costs, and gain peace of mind that your website, analytics, marketing and hosting are professionally managed and seamlessly aligned in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Reduce the risk of HIPAA fines and breaches with robust website security measures, encrypted hosting services, and compliance-focused marketing strategies that work

Compliance First Approach

We provide scalable solutions that grow with your healthcare organization, accommodating changes in patient volume, regulatory updates, and technological advancements.

Build trust and credibility among patients and clients by demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding their sensitive healthcare information

Reputation Management

Only the biggest Healthcare Organizations survive the Reputational Damage that comes after a HIPAA Breach & Fines. It's time to get serious about digital, and mitigate your Business Risks.

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