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Following HIPAA’s provisions means adapting to the evolving landscape of healthcare technology and data management. Non-compliance can result in significant legal penalties and reputational damage for healthcare organizations.

Compliance & Results

Our marketing add-on for healthcare companies takes a privacy first approach to PHI without compromising results. Your Dedicated Account Manager will work with you to develop and secure your campaigns while reducing Cost Per Acquisition, increasing Conversion and maximizing overall return on your marketing investment.

For all sizes of business

HIPAA Digital work with all sizes of Healthcare Organizations in the United States to secure their campaigns in terms of ePHI and optimize their digital marketing strategies while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our healthcare marketers help you strike the right balance between effective marketing strategies and strict privacy rules.


Enhance your HIPAA Digital Website & Hosting with our all inclusive Marketing add-on

We help clients in Healthcare at every stage of their business journey: from start up firms to large nationwide businesses. We’re a Full Service Digital Marketing agency that also runs remarkably successful SEO campaigns in the United States Healthcare Industry. HIPAA Digital powers significant growth and delivers exceptional Return on Investment.


We sign a Business Associate Agreement with every client outlining our roles and responsibilities. Unfortunately, most well-meaning marketers aren't well versed in HIPAA regulations for marketing and don't sign BAAs with their clients, leaving you exposed to significant risk and liability.

HIPAA Regulations

HIPAA’s definition of marketing concerns interaction between a covered entity and an individual, no matter their patient status. It means that health data about your website visitors who came through ads should be protected the same way as it would come from your paying customers.


Healthcare marketers need to walk a fine line between doing what’s needed in terms of marketing and adhering to highly important privacy rules.


Personally identifiable information (PII) that doesn’t include specific treatment or billing information can still be considered PHI. When a covered entity, such as a health clinic, collects this kind of information, it indicates that the individual has received or will receive health care services or benefits from the covered entity.

Healthcare Marketing

Marketing in healthcare isn’t as straightforward as in other industries. After all, HIPAA compliance is front and center, and it has undergone several significant changes in the last two years. Now more than ever, healthcare marketers need to walk a fine line between doing what’s needed in terms of marketing and adhering to highly important privacy rules.


The general rule of thumb for avoiding HIPAA violations is this: patients may disclose their own PHI, but their providers may not. If a patient discloses PHI in their review, they have not waived their rights under HIPAA. The responder needs to be careful not to disclose any PHI in their reply even if a patient has divulged these details.

Email Campaigns

Many marketing emails imply a relationship between patients and providers and, as such, can often be classified as protected health information. PHI must be encrypted in transit and at rest to comply with HIPAA.


Healthcare consumerism is rising, and patients are willing to change providers if they are unsatisfied with their experience. Educating and informing potential patients about your services is essential to improve customer acquisition.

Tracking Data

Not all data tracking is bad, and not all data tracking will incur a HIPAA violation. It is, however, important to have a thorough understanding of the HHS guidance. HIPAA violations occur when you combine personal identifying information with protected health information.

Additional Services

Full Service Digital

By working with HIPAA Digital you’ll simplify operations, cut costs, and gain peace of mind that your website, analytics, marketing and hosting are professionally managed and seamlessly aligned in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Reduce the risk of HIPAA fines and breaches with robust website security measures, encrypted hosting services, and compliance-focused marketing strategies that work

Compliance First Approach

We provide scalable solutions that grow with your healthcare organization, accommodating changes in patient volume, regulatory updates, and technological advancements.

Build trust and credibility among patients and clients by demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding their sensitive healthcare information

Reputation Management

Only the biggest Healthcare Organizations survive the Reputational Damage that comes after a HIPAA Breach & Fines. It's time to get serious about digital, and mitigate your Business Risks.

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