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HIPAA hosting refers to website, application or data storage and hosting services that comply with the physical safeguard requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. HIPAA hosting is an important part of the requirements needed for application developers to ensure HIPAA compliance of their solutions.

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Everything needed for full HIPAA website compliance is at your fingertips. After your free consultation and signing the Business Associate Agreement, your dedicated Account Manager will recreate your brand and website exactly as it is now, except they’ll implement all the technology and background security to make it HIPAA Compliant.

Your website will be hosted on Ultra-Fast, HIPAA Compliant, HITECH Certified Servers, running the very latest security protocols and threat mitigation procedures. HIPAA Digital is a fully managed, done for you service, leaving you free to concentrate on serving your patients and developing your business.

Our Analytics and Marketing add-ons ensure no trace of ePHI escapes to unauthorized third parties.

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HIPAA Hosting

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Hosting HIPAA-compliant websites is a big deal. Our HIPAA hosting offers added levels of protection that regular web hosts do not. Not only do we provide provide encrypted connections and secure servers, we also have measures in place to protect against cyber-attacks and malicious actors. With the increasing number of cyber threats facing businesses today, companies need to invest in the latest technologies in order to keep their data safe and secure. By choosing our reliable, HIPAA-compliant hosting, businesses can rest assured knowing that their data is being protected in the best possible way.

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Fully Managed Service

With our HIPAA hosting and website solutions, we take the responsibility for setting up and managing the necessary security measures that conform to the HIPAA Security Rule. This includes installing secure servers, configuring encryption technologies, and setting up data backups for healthcare providers and other medical institutions.

Our Fully Managed Solutions are ideal if you do not want to be directly involved in the management of your security measures or if you do not want to invest in additional hardware or software licenses.

Make Your Website HIPAA Compliant Today

Your Website Needs HIPAA Hosting

As Healthcare businesses continue to transfer more of their operations online and handle sensitive data, HIPAA-compliant web hosting has become increasingly important. In order to protect electronic protected health information (ePHI) and meet legal requirements, companies like yours must take extra steps to ensure the security of your website. Our HIPAA-compliant hosting is a great solution for ensuring your security and peace of mind.

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HIPAA Hosting

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Having our website hosting for HIPAA compliance is important not only from a regulatory standpoint but also from a practical one. A secure website hosting solution provides peace of mind when it comes to protecting sensitive data and confidential records while also ensuring reliable uptime and performance, even during peak times.

By choosing our HIPAA-compliant hosting, Healthcare business owners like you can rest assured that your websites is secure and your data is protected against malicious attacks. Not only does this help protect your business from potential liabilities, but it also shows clients and stakeholders that you prioritize security within your organization.


Medical and Healthcare providers are legally required to use a HIPAA-compliant hosting if they handle protected health information (PHI). Failing to use HIPAA hosting could get an organization in trouble with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

HIPAA hosting is the practice of securely storing and managing protected health information (PHI) in a cloud environment that meets the standards set forth by the HIPAA security rule. It involves using a specialized hosting provider with an infrastructure designed to meet HIPAA’s security requirements. This includes technology, policies, procedures, and physical safeguards that protect PHI from unauthorized access or use.

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