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Get Your Website & Marketing HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Digital is the only all-in-one done for you website provider that takes your practice to the next level, while signing a Business Associate Agreement to ensure HIPAA Compliance for your Website, Hosting, Email and Analytics.


As a HIPAA Covered Entity Your Emails Must be HIPAA Compliant. We set up your HIPAA Compliant emails that can securely send PHI, and make sure all Business Associate Agreements are in place.

HIPAA Website

We believe all sizes of healthcare businesses deserve a World Class website at an affordable cost. Our Marketing Experts will build you a HIPAA Compliant website that ROCKS! Fully SEO Optimized and Ready-to-Go and positioned for success

HIPAA Hosting

As a healthcare provider it's imperative that you're website is hosted on HIPAA Compliant Hosting. Your website will be Hosted on our HITECH Certified Servers for Maximum Speed & HIPAA Compliance

What we do

"It's time to bring your A-Game to your Website"

Beware website builder and marketing companies’ advice about how to create a website. In our experience, nine out of ten covered entity websites we’ve reviewed do not comply, including ones built by well known health care media agencies. HIPAA Digital is the only Dual-Expert that delivers outstanding website & marketing performance AND signs a Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA Compliance.

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HIPAA Digital Alert

"Even if you don't expressly collect PHI your website is still likely harvesting the data"

Already have a website?

We’ve got a package specifically for you. Keep your content, brand, logo and color scheme and patch over to our HIPAA systems. We handle the setup and from that point forward your site is covered by our Business Associate Agreement and HIPAA Compliant. If you’ve built the site yourself or had someone do it for you we’ll make sure its not leaking ePHI via analytics or server logs and that all functionality is secure, fast and compliant.

Addressing Your HIPAA Website Concerns

HIPAA Digital assures your Websites HIPAA Compliance

Unbeknown to you, there’s a high chance your marketing team has ridden rough shod over HIPAA guidelines, exposing you to significant financial liability and reputational risk.

HIPAA Website and Hosting Compliance from HIPAA Digital

Marketing Success + HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliant Website from HIPAA Digital

We believe all sizes of healthcare businesses deserve a World Class website at an affordable cost. Our marketing experts will build you a HIPAA Compliant website that ROCKS! Fully SEO Optimized and Ready-to-Go and positioned for success

HIPAA WordPress Website by HIPAA Digital
HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Digital are the only healthcare website professionals with Dual Expertise. We deliver marketing performance while keeping your website, hosting, email and analytics HIPAA compliant, and we sign a Business Associate Agreement to keep it that way

New Websites that ROCK!

Its time to bring your A-Game to your Healthcare Business in 2024! HIPAA Digital delivers a Fully SEO Optimized 'done-for-you' website built on the latest technologies that grows your healthcare or medical practice for success and financial freedom.

HIPAA Compliant Search Engine Optimization from HIPAA Digital
Online Reputation

Care must be taken to ensure that no ePHI is disclosed in the review or reply process. Responding to reviews must be done with caution, even if the patient has disclosed their own health information in their review. HIPAA Digital protects your reputation in a compliant way that avoids PHI disclosure

HIPAA Compliant Email Service from HIPAA Digital

HIPAA Digital makes your email HIPAA compliant which has the advantage of enabling you to communicate PHI in emails with patients, colleagues, and authorized third parties without risking a violation of HIPAA for impermissibly disclosing unsecured PHI. There are no extra fees or charges to setup your email

HIPAA Compliant Analytics from HIPAA Digital
HIPAA Analytics

PHI is not limited to medical records. It includes any information that can be used to identify a patient and relates to their health condition, provision or payment for health care. This includes your Analytics and Server Logs which are often overlooked by providers and has led to recent significant fines

Marketing Success + HIPAA

Peace of Mind

Grow and expand your business, simplify operations, cut costs, and gain peace of mind with our exclusive ‘done-for-you’ all in one solutions.

One of the first places an auditor will look when a HIPAA investigation begins is a covered entity’s website.

Why You Need to Worry

HIPAA Cybersecurity Laws are changing, with already far reaching consequences for non-compliance getting bigger.

Healthcare & Medical is the most competitive online sector in 2024. It's time to up your digital marketing game.

Get Serious About Digital

While remaining compliant at the same time is a fine balancing act that needs serious consideration.

Managed Services

Hand-Off to HIPAA Digital

Business Associate Agreement

Before starting work we sign a Business Associate Agreement clearly outlining roles, responsibilities and processes. Healthcare professionals and business owners must prioritize establishing BAAs with all relevant parties involved in handling PHI. This ensures clear guidelines, accountability, and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Hosting

Our HIPAA hosting offers added levels of protection that regular web hosts do not. Not only do we provide provide encrypted connections and secure servers, we also have measures in place to protect against cyber-attacks and malicious actors. By choosing our reliable, HIPAA-compliant hosting, businesses can rest assured knowing that their data is being protected.

Making Your Website Compliant

Your HIPAA compliant website will be hosted on Ultra-Fast, HIPAA Compliant, HITECH Certified Servers, running the very latest security protocols and threat mitigation procedures. HIPAA Digital is a fully managed, done for you service, leaving you free to concentrate on serving your patients and developing your business.

Business Email Management

Our HIPAA compliant email service delivers encryption, advanced permission controls, detailed logs, audit reports, and physical security measures for server hardware. Our solution for HIPAA compliant Email also has the benefit of cutting-edge, fully-managed security and support to assist you with any issues.

HIPAA Analytics

A recent survey by HIPPA Digital revealed that 72% of United States Healthcare website owners including Psychiatrists, Therapists, Counselors, Dentists and Doctors believed their website did not need to be HIPAA Compliant, when in fact all of their websites were processing PHI and inadvertently breaching HIPAA through analytics and server logs.

HIPPA Marketing with Protection

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is increasingly vigilant in its oversight of healthcare entities, including their websites. The OCR has the authority to conduct audits, investigate complaints and issue fines against entities that fail to comply with HIPAA regulations. The OCR does not discriminate between larger and SME healthcare providers when it come to enforcement.

HIPAA Digital LLC is the Most Trusted HIPAA Compliance Solution
Offset Website Compliance to HIPAA Digital

How we make you HIPAA Compliant AND grow your business

Our HIPAA Security solutions are purpose-built for healthcare, and managed by dedicated IT professionals with round-the-clock security, and proactive support. Regardless of the size of your healthcare Organization, we’ve got you covered. Focus on patient care while we take care of everything digital.

We Build Your Website

We believe all sizes of healthcare businesses deserve a World Class website at an affordable cost. Whether you'd like a brand new website with the latest SEO Optimization for 2024 or you'd prefer to keep your existing website we've got cost effective plans to suit you.

Install HIPAA Hosting Secuity Protocols

Many medical and healthcare practitioners are not fully aware of the importance of HIPAA-compliant hosting to meet physical security controls. This includes not only digital safeguards but also physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access to the servers where patient information is stored.

Focus on Growing Your Business

The key to achieving business success, financial freedom, and a fulfilling lifestyle hinges on online presence and self-promotion. Relax and focus on your patients while your HIPAA Digital Website gets to work attracting the clients and patients you want to attract.

Free HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Worried By Website HIPAA Compliance? You Should Be.

HIPAA Compliant Website, Hosting & Marketing Education

Welcome to the HIPAA Compliant Website, Hosting & Marketing Education podcast! We're here to help healthcare professionals stay compliant. Join us for valuable insights on HIPAA regulations, secure hosting, and compliant marketing strategies. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with your host, Alexander Bentley-Sutherland.


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